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LEGOLAND School Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any student aged 7 to 17 studying in a public school or international school from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines can participate in the Challenge.

Please register on the LEGOLAND website before 5 JUNE 2023. The participating Group will have to share their details as per the registration form in the link.

Only submissions from registered participants groups will be accepted for the judging process.

The LEGOLAND School Challenge is designed to let participants’ creativity to lead the way and use their imagination to build what they feel represents the “Cities of The Future.”

You can select your category based on age, as follows:

(i) 7-12 years old, and (ii) 13-17 years old

Minimum of 5 students and maximum of 15 students per group. Maximum of 3 teachers per required to be attached to all groups. 

Please note that any student can register and participate in one group only. You are not allowed to enter in multiple groups.

There are no limits or bounds on what can be created. The structure/model will have to be built using LEGO® Bricks only. Please ensure that genuine LEGO® bricks are used to build. The choice of colors and brick type is totally up to the Group’s discretion.

Please note that the final structure/model will have to be built using genuine LEGO® /DUPLO® Bricks only. Entries that use other generic plastic bricks/brands will be disqualified.

Judging process for the submitted LEGO model will include the following criteria:

  1. Implementation of STEM elements to the design work
  2. Creativity based on the theme and the category chosen
  3. Only submit design entries that are 100% original and unique

*The criteria (i) and (ii) will need to be further explained in the description submitted

The contest is all about getting original designs and builds, if you use an existing design or model this will not be accepted as a valid submission. 

Submission of LEGO creations

The LEGO creation will have to be mounted on a platform/LEGO baseplate and the dimensions have to be within 60 cm x 60 cm (width by length) and the max. height is 120 cm (1.2m)

All entry submission phase must be mad before 7th July 2023 by 6 PM (Malaysia time). All submission must include: 

    1. Description of the LEGO® creation in 50-100 words, in English language only
    2. Pictures of the LEGO® creation (3-5 pictures) to showcase the build from different angles.
    3. Video showcasing the final creation has to be submitted within min 40 seconds and max. 60 seconds.
    4. Videos and pictures have to be uploaded to the campaign microsite (URL to be shared later). Please make sure that your video is in MP4 format and is not more than 1GB in size.
    5. Only entries from registered groups (previous phase) will be accepted for judging in this phase.

Video showcasing the final model must be submitted within min. 40 seconds and max. 60 seconds.

Please make sure that your video is in MP4 format and is not more than 1GB in size.

Winners & Prizes

There are 2 Category available for this Challenge: Age 7 – 12 years and Age 13 – 17 years.

5 Winners (Grand Prize, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th) will be awarded for each category. 

All winners will be invited to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort for an Official Award Ceremony to receive the prize and have their creation displayed there for 1 month. 

All 10 winning groups (Top 5 from each age categories) will get the following:

  • A LEGO® Trophy
  • Iconic LEGO® Sets (1 per Group)
  • Invitation to attend LEGOLAND for the Prize-Giving Ceremony
  • Exclusive workshop with International LEGO® Model Builder for the grand prize winners
  • LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort tickets for all participants
  • Certificate of Participation for all participants
  • LEGO® Goodies for all participants
  • Participate in STEM/English Mania education programme in LLMR

Prizes worth RM100k are up for grabs and national level recognition for your effort!