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Planet LEGOLAND School Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any student studying in a Malaysian school (local or international) can participate in the Challenge using the Registration forms and final entry submissions on the LEGOLAND website to enter. Since this is a Group competition we would encourage multiple students to participate as a Group (maximum size of Group without teachers = 18 students). Any Students who is younger than 17 years can take part in the contest.

Please register on the LEGOLAND website during the registration phase (Closed on 19 May 2022). The participating Group will have to share their details as per the registration form in the link (Registration Closed). The entry phase is currently underway. Please build the LEGO® model which represents the Pride of your State (your participating Group’s school state) and submit your entry via the following link:

The Planet LEGOLAND School Challenge is designed to let participants’ creativity to lead the way and use their imagination to build what they feel represents the “Pride of their State”

A Group can have a max. of 20 participants (upto max. of 18 students and max. of 2 teachers). Groups can also be smaller but a teacher is required to be attached to all Groups.

Please note that any student can only register and participate in one group only. You are not allowed to enter in multiple groups.

You can build any structure which represents your State (School’s state) – there are no limits or bounds on what can be created. The structure/model will have to be built using LEGO® Bricks only. Please ensure that genuine LEGO® bricks are used to build. The choice of colors and brick type is totally upto the Group’s discretion.

Please note that the final structure/model will have to be built using genuine LEGO® /DUPLO® Bricks only. Entries that use other generic plastic bricks/brands will be disqualified

Please note that during the Entry submission phase from 16th May’22 to 17th June’22 the below requirements will have to be completed by the registered participating Groups:

  • Name of the Project/Entry and Group
  • Photos of the LEGO® Model (3-5 pictures) to showcase the build from different angles
  • A Video submission showcasing the final model (min. 60 seconds and max. 180 seconds). The 1-3 minute video must showcase the LEGO Build and explain what makes it unique and why this was chosen for the build
  • Videos and pictures have to be uploaded to the campaign microsite (URL to be shared later). Please make sure that your video is in MP4 format and is not more than 1GB in size
  • Entry submission phase will kick off on the 23rd of May 10 AM and the last date to submit the entries is by 6 PM Malaysia Time on the 30th of June
  • Only entries from registered groups (previous phase) will be accepted for judging in this phase
  • Please retain your entry (LEGO® build) for the final ceremony at LEGOLAND Malaysia (end July’22, dates to be confirmed) where 1 winner per state will be awarded and one Grand Prize Winner will be selected. The LEGO® build will have to be brought over by the selected winning Group (1 per State) to be eligible for the Grand Prize Winner

Entries will be judged on the following criteria by a Master LEGO Builder panel:

  • Building Skill (based on group entrant’s age – the age of the oldest participant will be considered)
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Interpretation of the Theme
  • Presentation & Final Video & Pictures

There are no minimum size limitations but please note that for this challenge the winners will be scored for creativity and uniqueness of the build so we encourage participants to create entries which can do justice to the contest theme. The LEGO Model will have to be mounted on a platform/LEGO baseplate and the dimensions have to be within 60 cm x 60 cm (width by length) and the max. height is 120 cm (1.2m)

There will be 5 Main Winners who will be awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th prizes respectively. In addition to this we will also have consolation prizes for 5 Groups. So a total of 10 Groups will be awarded and recognized at the end of the Challenge.

All 10 winning groups (Top 5 + 5 Consolation winners) will get the following:

  • LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort tickets
  • Certificate of Participation for all participants
  • LEGO Goodies for all participants
  • 1 LEGO Box set per Group
  • LEGOLAND Retail Voucher for all participants

The Top 5 Prizes Winners will get

  • A LEGO Trophy
  • Iconic LEGO Sets (1 per Group)
  • Invitation to attend LEGOLAND for the Award ceremony
  • Attend a workshop and skill building session with our Master Builders

Prizes worth RM85K+ are up for grabs and national level recognition for your effort!

The contest is all about getting original designs and builds, if you use an existing design or model this will not be accepted as a valid submission.

About Planet LEGOLAND® School Challenge

The Planet LEGOLAND® School Challenge is a contest for school children across Malaysia. To win the challenge, students will need to work together in teams to create a LEGO® Build that best represents their state using their creativity, imagination and building skills.

Challenge Timeline and Key Stages:

  1. Launch: The Challenge was officially launched in a ceremony on 1st April’22 at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort and officiated by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Santhara J.P, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia and other dignitaries
  2. Registration [closed]: From 11th April to 19th May students can start to form their groups and register for the challenge via the LEGOLAND Website
  3. Entry Submission [closed]: From 20th May to 30th June, LEGOLAND Malaysia will open entry submissions. Registered groups (in previous phase) can upload their entries on the LEGOLAND Microsite.
  4. Winner Selection & On-Site Ceremony [date TBC*]: Winners will be selected by a panel of Expert LEGO Builders and invited to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort for a day of fun and celebration. This on-site event/ceremony will be held towards the end of July’22 or beginning August'22 (date to be confirmed)