Fireballs! Lightning! Shockwaves! Ice! You control these elements to defeat the Great Devourer and earn ninja status. This is what you've been training for!


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 Ride Restrictions: 

  1. Riders and NINJAS must be at least 115cm tall and 4 years old to ride unaccompanied.
  2. Riders and NINJAS less than 115 cm and less than 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the same vehicle.
  3. Sensei Wu does not recommended younger NINJAS to ride due to lights/sound and content effects.
  4. Riders and NINJAS unable to hold themselves secure in upright position or physically help themselves onto the ride will not be allowed onto the ride.
  5. Riders and NINJAS unable to be safely secured by the restraints will not be allowed to ride.
  6. Riders and NINJAS must remain seated at all times during the ride.
  7. Appropriate attire is required: shirt, shoes and pants/shorts. NINJAS always come dressed.
  8. Food and drinks are not allowed on  the ride.
  9. Loose items such as phones, cameras, scarfs, umbrellas etc. must be kept in bags during the ride
  10. Riders who are visibly ill or under the influence will not be permitted to ride.
  11. The NINJAGO World is a non-smoking area. NINJAS do NOT smoke.
  12. Failing to obey the above rules and regulations will result in action taken by Sensei Wu.   


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