The most immersive 4D ride experience yet. Now Open!


Now Open

Join the NINJAGO heroes and defeat the Great Devourer on the most advanced 4D ride Asia has ever seen! Control the elements of fire, earth, lightning, and ice with just your hands, thanks to all-new sensor technology.

The First Ever Cutting-Edge 4D Indoor Ride In Asia

Ninjago The Ride

Cutting-Edge Hand Gesture Technology

Using the state-of-the-art hand gesture sensors that let you vanquish the Great Devourer without the need of any handheld devices!

Ninjago The Ride

Breathtaking 4D Immersion

Let the Ride's wind, smoke and heat effects envelop you into the NINJAGO universe, as your travel across stunning arenas and battlefields to defeat. The Great Devourer and its foul minions!

Cole JayKaiZane

Master the Elements; let loose the powers within you with the help of The Ride's stunning 4D projections! Defeat the Great Devourer and its minion through the elemental powers of fire, earth, lightning and ice. 

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