Perfect for organisations to rediscover their adventure spirit!

Company Outing & Family Day

Plan a great family day out or all-day corporate togetherness at Asia’s happening theme park. Get out of the office and into the fun where awesome awaits from exhilarating roller coaster rides to catching LEGO® movies where the action comes alive in 4-D, or float gently down the river on a self-made LEGO raft. Experience all these and more at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort with your colleagues!

With over 70 thrilling rides, exciting sliders, entertaining shows and amazing attractions for you to experience in one extraordinary LEGO environment, even the Boss knows it’s a value-for-money outing that unites the crew, strengthens their working together skills and creates many long-lasting memories.  


Do you want a unique team building experience that suits all your company’s need? Well, all you need to do is build one with us!

Team building at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort offers the unique opportunity to strengthen bonds and forge friendships among colleagues in LEGO themed environment. The team building activities are designed to convey a variety of lessons, ranging from encouraging the exploration of new horizons to working together as a team!

Every aspect of the programme can be customized, from the level of challenge to the number of games to the features activities, to suit your company’s needs and to ensure that it can fulfil your objectives.