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There’s no better companion than our original HARIBO GOLD-BEARS®.
With the five chewy and fruity flavors, HARIBO GOLD-BEARS® have been making
mouths happy, creating golden moments of joy and pleasure and
adding color to our lives for over 90 years.
“Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO®

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Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a leading provider of cutting edge imaging and information technology solutions for the home and office environments. Canon’s Personal and Business segments offer a wide range of quality products sought after for its quality and reliability in products and services, living up to its corporate tagline, Delighting You Always.

Event SponsorsMILO®, the leading nutritious chocolate malt beverage in Malaysia was introduced in 1950 and has been known for its unique taste that Malaysians love. Packed with natural goodness of malt, milk and cocoa, enriched with Activ-Go; a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, MILO® is the most popular beverage in Malaysia and has fuelled generations of champions.

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Made with blackcurrants sourced from farms in New Zealand for their deep purple colour, Ribena® is known for its natural goodness and delicious flavour, made without artificial colour or flavouring. In 1955, Ribena® made its way to Malaysian shores and soon became a firm favourite of Malaysian kids and adults and
retains top-of-mind awareness among Malaysian consumers. 

Event SponsorsWith years of experiences within the industry, Premier Brand tissue is your trusted product. The brand caters to a variety of product that consists of facial tissues, toilet tissue, kitchen towel rolls and napkins.

Event SponsorsPerfect Food Manufacturing is Malaysia’s single largest exporter of cookies. It is founded in 1981 more well-known as Julie’s, the company has extended its presence to more than 75 countries to-date.

The company which strongly believes in its responsibility towards its employees, its customers and society. The company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected by its actions and projects it undertakes towards improvements in food safety, quality, employee welfare, maintaining high ethical standards and also towards the betterment of the society.

Currently with more than 100 products, Julie’s continues to satisfy the palate of consumers through their signature cookies that are “Baked with Love”.