Ready, Set, LEGO®!

The World's First LEGO® Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Ready, Set, LEGO®! Prepare to embark the world’s first LEGO virtual reality roller coaster!

The Great LEGO Race combines roller coaster thrills with virtual reality (VR) technology in an exciting new adventure that puts kids and parents alike in the driver’s seat and asks, “Are you brave enough to face, race and beat the best of the best in all of LEGO world?”

Wearing VR headsets, guests will experience the action from every direction – up, down, forward, backward and all points in between – in a spectacular environment completely made of LEGO bricks.

Featuring a colorful lineup of racers drawn from the ranks of the popular LEGO Minifigure mystery assortments, The Great LEGO Race builds a universe of imagination that will unleash the inner child of everyone. It pits riders in a rollicking race against wild, brick-built contraptions driven by Trendsetter, Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, Wizard and Pirate Captain, including a rocket-powered surfboard and a stylish scooter fueled by espresso.

Meet the 5 main characters

Pirate Captain

who steers a dinghy with a turbine-powered sail


rides an ornate canopied bed carried by mummified servants


drives a dragon-themed hot-rod

Surfer Girl

rides a rocket-powered windsurfing rig


rides an espresso-fuelled scooter with a sidecar for her tiny dog