FAQ and Useful Info

1) What is the price for student package?
Please refer to the Prices & Offers tab list.

2) Does the package include all rides, shows and attractions in the park?
Yes, the package include all 70 rides, shows and attractions.

3) What is the minimum participant required?
20 students per group.

4) Can parents join the school trip?
Yes but additional charges apply. For details, please refer to the Prices & Offers chart.

5) If there are more than 20 students, will teachers be provided extra tickets free of charge?
1 complimentary chaperon admission will be allowed for every 10 paying students per group. Additional charges apply for extra chaperons. For details, please refer to the Prices & Offers tab list.

6) Will the chaperon be entitled for complimentary meal as well?
No. Only admission is complimentary for chaperon.

7) What are the workshops offered?
There are 8 education workshops: Tall Towers, Amazing Machines, Get Moving, Funtastic Gears, Energy Lab, Adventure BOT, Dr. Heartbeat & Build Amazing Machine. Please refer to the program tab for detailed information.

8) What is the duration of each workshop?
Each workshop is approximately 45 minutes.

9) Are the workshops available during weekends/school holidays?
Yes, the workshops are available during weekends and school holidays. The workshop is not available during Malaysia's public holidays.

10) Is there a schedule for each of the workshop?
There are 4 sessions everyday and each is on a first come, first booked basis. The first program starts at 11am followed by 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. Please arrive at the location 15 minutes before the start of the workshop.

11) Will there be someone to assist us during the workshop?
Yes. There will be an education facilitator leading the workshop.

12) Is there a guide available to bring the group to tour the park after the workshop?
No. It will be free and easy in the park for everyone after the 45-minute education session.

13) If we don't plan on taking up any of the education workshop, can we have a guide to tour the Park?
Sorry, we do not offer guides as part of the package.

14) What kind of meal will be provided as part of the package?
Every student will be provided with a meal voucher worth RM15. Each student will be entitled to a Kids Meal at the park comprising a choice of main course, drink and dessert.

15) Can the meal voucher be used at any F&B outlets?
The voucher is applicable at any F&B outlet except the followings: Snack Bar, The Café and food cart.

16) Is there a dress code?
Students can either wear school uniforms OR Physical Exercise (PE) shirt and pants. They are allowed to bring extra clothing to change.

17) Is transportation included in the package?
No, transportation is not included. You may contact us if you require assistance for coach operator recommendation.

18) Are we allowed to add or reduce the number of participants?
You are allowed to add or reduce if confirmation has not been made. If there are additional participants after the full payment has been made, the person in charge will need to top up the balance 7 days before the date of visit. If there is a reduction once payment has been done, no refund will be made. Confirmation must be done at least 10 working days before the date of arrival.

19) How and where do we collect our tickets?
Tickets can be collected at the 1st counter at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort ticketing counter upon arrival on the date of visit. No early collection is allowed.

20) Is there height restriction on the rides and attractions?
There are height restrictions on some of the rides; these can be found outside the ride attraction and on our website.

21) Are the student allowed to bring their own water bottle?
Yes, each student is allowed to bring their own water bottle. No outside food is allowed.